How Work Is Changing

The world of work is changing mostly due to the advance of technology, Entrepreneurs such as as Reid Hoffman   are leading the way but did you know that the entrepreneurial ideals and spirit can be applied and used even if  you work in a conventional company. The days of leaving … Continue reading

Email Abuse and how to be blacklisted

Just a bit of advice to readers here. In the old days, it was a clever trick to set up an auto-responder trying to push an "opportunity" on your email address account. These are also referred to as "out of office replies". Do not confuse what I am referring to … Continue reading

To Outsource or to Automate, that is the Question!

Let me give some personal background in answer to this question, and why I consider it such an important one.  Many years ago, I ran across this quote by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, um 1700, Öl auf Holz (Photo credit: Wikipedia)[/caption] “It is unworthy of excellent men to … Continue reading